This program was designed to help putting digital camera images into websites. You can either take the default layout base or edit the HTML-Code for the websites to make the layout fit your requirements. Two sets of macros (one for the thumbnailpages and one for the imagepages) help you implementing your own navigation elements if you want to. For sizechanges of images you have the choice between several professional algorithms. If you want have huge amounts of images to turn into galleries you may make use of the commandline params for ThumbaWumba.

Download Thumba Wumba 2.0

See the readme.htm for details.

To quickly get an idea about what the software does take a look at the screenshots:

screenshot1, screenshot2, screenshot3, screenshot 4, screenshot5, screenshot6

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You can still download the old Version:

Download Thumba Wumba 1.2

Screenshots of the old version:

Main Menu

Thumbnailpage HTML Code editor