File: 'readme.htm' - Info about ThumbaWumba 2.0

Author: Matthias Peters




  • readme.htm: this file
  • *.htm: this file in other languages
  • *.ln: languagefiles for the GUI
  • thumba.exe: the program itself
  • .tw2: ready-to-use layout- and settingsfiles

What is Thumbawumba?

This program was designed to help putting digital camera images into websites. You can either take the default layout base or edit the HTML-Code for the websites to make the layout fit your requirements. Two sets of macros (one for the thumbnailpages and one for the imagepages) help you implementing your own navigation elements if you want to. For sizechanges of images you have the choice between several professional algorithms. If you want have huge amounts of images to turn into galleries you may make use of the commandline params for ThumbaWumba

Version history:

Whats different to version 1.2?

  • complete redesign of the user interface
  • support for a folder with additional website elements to be copied to destination
  • additional macros
  • command line support
  • multilanguage support - easily extendable for everyone, just translate an *.ln File
  • .tif file support (no lzw compressed files)
  • CSS Support (Cascading Style Sheets, makes adopting your own layouts much more comfortable)
  • more options for filenames, extensions etc.

Whats different to version 1.1b?

ThumbaWumba now supports also the EXIF-Format in several ways:

  • when sorting by date is active, the timestamp of the EXIF file is used instead of the filedate.
  • EXIF Information is kept inside of the target images as well
  • the contents of the EXIF comment section can be used as a macro for the HTML code of the imagepages. This way it is possible to automatically generate individual headlines fitting to the image

Furthermore it is possible to switch off the generation of the target images. This is useful if you need to make changes to the HTML Code after a first preview. It saves lots of time.

Version 1.1

Version 1.1 had a few bugs in the loading and saving routines of the *.THW files. Furthermore the folderdialog for the source and target directory has been changed to the newer standard version.

Version 1.0

Most important new feature is the generation of Websites for the images themselves (not only the thumbnail overviewpages). Secondly there are professional resizealgorithms including Lanczos3 filter available. Thirdly, you can chose between several ways of sorting the images in the websites (date, filename, ascending, descending).

Is ThumbaWumba Freeware, or what?!?

Yes, ThumbaWumba is freeware. However I think it would be fair if you make a donation to my paypal account if you use this program often (see my website ) for details. Furthermore, if you created a fancy gallery layout it would be nice if you could email me your .tw2 file so that I could add it to the installation archive. If you find bugs in this software please mail a short description to me. If you REALLY want to do me a favour, translate the program into other languages and send me your .ln file  

How do I use the program?

I tried to make the program so simple that you don`t need a manual for using it. The most challenging thing about the software is to create your own website template using html language. For this, there are lots of tutorials on the internet. If you created some good templates on your own (also in a foreign language), please mail it to me so that I can add it to the program  package for other users. Feel free to send me links to your webpage galleries! I appreciate any feedback (positive or negative) from you, but don't expect me to answer every single mail. I am in no way responsible for anything you do with the software. However I ask you not to use it for images that show violence or pornography. Be careful with the destination- directory you chose for the image output! Existing files might be overwritten without asking.

Thanks to:

  • Andreas Moser for the "GfX-Library"  (couldnt find his website anymore)
  • Gerry McGuire for dEXIF (
  • Theo Roebbers for translating things into dutch and doing lots of testing for me
  • Thanks to everybody who makes a donation


So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you! (Jesus, see: Matthew 7,12)